Lugenbuhl’s Admiralty team stands at the forefront of maritime law, offering unparalleled expertise and comprehensive services tailored specifically for companies engaged in blue and brown water shipping. With a strategic presence in New Orleans, Houston, and Gulfport, our team is strategically positioned to swiftly respond to maritime incidents along the entire Gulf Coast region.

Our experienced team navigates the complexities of maritime law, representing clients in state and federal courts in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi. We are adept at handling arbitrations and proceedings before regulatory bodies such as the U.S. Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety Board, National Pollution Funds Center, and others. Trust Lugenbuhl for effective, prompt, and comprehensive admiralty legal services.


Our attorneys regularly engage in a comprehensive range of services, including investigation and liability assessment, ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting, managing insurance claims and settlement negotiations, handling dispute resolution and litigation, overseeing salvage, wreck removal, and environmental compliance, addressing personal injury claims and documentation, implementing preventive measures and best practices and navigating international aspects and jurisdictional considerations.

Maritime Contracts & Indemnity

Lugenbuhl attorneys assist with various maritime contracts, including charter agreements, shipbuilding contracts, sale and purchase agreements, lease agreements, and drafting indemnity clauses.

Marine Finance & Vessel Documentation

Assisting with structuring proposals, due diligence, transaction document preparation, and closings for national and regional financial institutions, finance companies, and vessel operators.

Marine Insurance Coverage

Lugenbuhl attorneys assist with marine contracts, protections for accidents, knock-for-knock indemnity agreements, additional-insured requirements, waivers of subrogation, and compliance with relevant acts.

Maritime Contracts & Charter Parties

Lugenbuhl attorneys regularly assist with managing risks for vessel owners, facilitating maritime commerce through contract negotiation, advising P&I Clubs, and litigating disputes arising from maritime contracts.

Maritime Liens & Collections

Services include identification, creation, perfection, and enforcement of maritime liens through judicial actions, auctions, sales, and debt recovery negotiations.

Maritime Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Lugenbuhl attorneys navigate the interface of maritime law and bankruptcy law when maritime insolvency or bankruptcy is involved, collaborating closely with bankruptcy attorneys.

Maritime Personal Injury

Handling various personal injury cases, including Jones Act defense, Longshore & Harbor Workers Liability defense, Defense Base Act, and injuries to passengers.

Railroad Litigation

Assisting rail industry clients with employee claims, occupational injury claims, servitude disputes, highway-rail grade crossing accidents, trespasser actions, cargo and property damage claims, and hazardous material releases.

Tugs, Towage & Offshore Services

Advising and assisting clients with tugs, towboats, and barges operating along waterways, as well as those owning or operating vessels serving the Gulf of Mexico oilpatch and Atlantic wind farms.

  • Casualty and personal injury litigation
  • Accident investigations
  • Front-end transactions
  • Vessel construction contracts
  • Vessel purchase, sale and financing documents
  • Insolvency & bankruptcy matters
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Jones Act defense
  • Prosecuting or defending OCSLA claims
  • Prosecuting or defending Public Works Act and Miller Act claims
  • Customized maritime service contracts
  • Enforcement of contractual obligations

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