When maritime industry businesses experience insolvency, the parties must prepare for battles in bankruptcy court or admiralty courts, and sometimes both. Lugenbuhl attorneys have unparalleled experience at the intersection of these two jurisdictional areas, advocating for clients and setting key precedents in both.

A Reputation For Exceptional Knowledge and Skill In Complex Maritime Bankruptcies

Lugenbuhl has long represented its maritime clients in insolvency and bankruptcy matters throughout the U.S. and in comparable insolvency courts and tribunals abroad. Our experience covers both creditors’ rights and debtor protections. Often, our cases have involved seminal jurisdictional and related issues regarding these courts. Our reputation for deft handling of these matters has been confirmed with court appointments as Special Maritime Counsel in Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases. Our attorneys have also earned distinction by authoring treatises on maritime bankruptcy concepts that are often cited for persuasive authority.

The Unique Nature of Maritime Insolvencies

Maritime matters we regularly handle include liens, personal injury claims, vessel finance, collisions and allisions and salvage – which inevitably take on a different flavor when arising in the context of bankruptcy. Because of our depth and concentration in admiralty and maritime law, we are well-positioned to preserve and enforce maritime lien rights arising in favor of our creditor clients. When maritime insolvency or bankruptcy is involved, our maritime attorneys work closely with our bankruptcy attorneys to navigate the often treacherous and complex interface of maritime law and bankruptcy law. Together we have a long-running collaboration, and depth of experience, in handling these special issues.