Our expansive knowledge of federal, Louisiana and local tax laws allows us to guide you through all aspects of tax planning and litigation.

If you or your business are in a planning or restructuring process, Lugenbuhl attorneys work directly with your CPAs and financial advisors to determine and achieve the best outcome for your individual or business goals. Further, if you need help resolving tax disputes, including litigation, our attorneys have a long track record of successfully negotiating and litigating even the most complex tax matters on behalf of our clients.

A Highly Collaborative Practice

Lugenbuhl attorneys understand the pervasiveness of tax considerations, which can arise in any matter. Therefore, in addition to handling tax planning and litigation matters in their own right, we collaborate closely with the firm’s other practice groups to identify and address each client’s tax issues and implications as they arise, of course, but also anticipating them as far in advance as possible.

  • Litigating federal, state and local tax matters
  • Providing transactional tax advice and strategy
  • Tax planning regarding estates, gifts and trusts
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Tax credit programs

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