Lugenbuhl partner Donna Thomisee was recently selected to serve as the chair of the discovery subcommittee for the State Bar of Texas Rules Committee. She has served as vice-chair the last two years and has been on the Court Rules Committee since 2014.

The State Bar of Texas Rules Committee is comprised of lawyers and judges from every region in the state. The role of the committee is to propose changes in rules concerning civil procedure to the Texas Supreme Court. Each member of the committee has a wealth of experience, including varied perspectives on every rule. For more information about the Committee, visit its website.

Donna was also recently appointed to serve on the Harris County Downtown Panel’s Unauthorized Practice of Law Committee appointed by the Texas Supreme Court. The UPLC is authorized to investigate and eliminate the unauthorized practice of law. Donna will be working in the eastern region for Harris County. To learn more, click here.

Lugenbuhl congratulates Donna on both of these honors. For more information on Donna and her areas of practice, visit her online profile.