Maritime lien issues can be daunting. Lugenbuhl understands the complexities of maritime law and offers comprehensive legal assistance to shipping companies, private vessel owners, and maritime creditors. Whether it’s a documented vessel lien, or a lien arising from an assortment of maritime torts and contracts, Lugenbuhl has the knowledge and tools to help you navigate the process.

When it comes to documented liens, our relationships with banks and other lending institutions provide us the expertise to fully understand the process and preparation required for filings, collections, or if needed, the extinguishment of a lien. Our attorneys are equipped with years of specialized knowledge in this area of law, lending itself to providing our clients the guidance needed to ensure goals are met.

Maritime liens arising from torts, contracts, or maritime services can be complicated and costly, but not uncommon. For shipping companies, private vessel owners, and maritime creditors these types of actions can become a detriment to business. Our attorneys are regularly met with these types of complex issues and have encountered every obstacle that can stand in the way of resolution. We understand how they affect clients’ operational interests, which is why we make it our primary focus to safeguard your assets.

Maritime liens can pose significant challenges. The Lugenbuhl maritime team can ensure your business is protected offering expert guidance grounded in years of specialized experience.