Lugenbuhl Attorneys Share Paper Presented at 2019 Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute Seminar


Lugenbuhl litigators Delos “Dee” Flint, Jr. and Benjamin Kadden recently spoke about the effects of the interplay of insolvency on maritime vessel owners, transactions and creditor rights during the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute Annual Seminar. With more than 600 members, the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute provides a forum for practitioners regarding the practice and administration of admiralty and maritime law among attorneys in the Southeastern United States. 

In their presentation and corresponding paper, titled Navigating “Bankrupt Seas” – For the Benefit of Maritime Operators, Flint and Kadden provide an overview of the intersection of bankruptcy and maritime law, including the basics of the bankruptcy process, alternatives to bankruptcy filings and a review of recent maritime bankruptcy cases. Additionally, they focused on how maritime operators can secure their claims in bankruptcy.

The full paper is available here. Lugenbuhl associate Destinee Ramos contributed to the paper.

For more information about these attorneys, view Flint’s profile and Kadden’s profile.

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