Lugenbuhl shareholder Stanley Cohn recently sat down with local New Orleans TV station, WWL, to share the story of a years-long struggle he and at least 26 other homeowners have been fighting with state government over payments related to a FEMA grant program called Pilot Reconstruction.

Cohn, whose home flooded in Hurricane Katrina, is one of more than two dozen homeowners who applied for a grant offered through the Pilot Reconstruction program, which offered grants to homeowners to tear down their existing homes and build new ones following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Unfortunately, Cohn and other homeowners, who signed agreements to rebuild with Pilot Reconstruction grants more than a decade ago, have faced an uphill battle in receiving the full grant payments.

As a litigation attorney and someone who is immensely active in his local community, Cohn has led efforts for the past several years to encourage the state to fulfill the grant agreements and disperse the full payments promised to grantees. To read the full story and Cohn’s perspective on the matter, click here.

Lugenbuhl commends Cohn for his tireless efforts to help homeowners involved in this process. Following Hurricane Katrina, Stanley was elected president of the Lakeshore Property Owners’ Association and was heavily involved in neighborhood redevelopment. As a result of Cohn’s efforts, the Lakeshore community was one of the first devastated neighborhoods to eradicate blight and return to normalcy. He then took his passion for blight eradication citywide and helped other neighborhood organizations by teaching them “best practices” to deal with blight owners and assisted the New Orleans code enforcement division with implementing and enforcing the city’s anti-blight ordinances.

A practicing attorney for more than 30 years, Cohn specializes in the areas of maritime, energy, oilfield and commercial litigation, as well as condominium law and business litigation. Visit his online profile to learn more about his experience and accolades.