Lugenbuhl shareholder Benjamin Kadden has been elected to serve as Chairman of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Bankruptcy Law Section.

In his role as Chairman, Kadden will preside at meetings of the Bankruptcy Law Section, as well as meetings held by the Section’s governing council. Kadden’s other duties will include formulating reports on the Section’s work and presenting to the LSBA. In addition to Kadden, the Section’s leadership includes Vice-Chairman Cherie Dessauer Nobles and Secretary-Treasurer Heather LaSalle Alexis.

With approximately 125 members, the LSBA’s Bankruptcy Law section provides a forum for discussion of information pertaining to statues and jurisprudence related to bankruptcy law, as well as continuing education opportunities for practicing attorneys. The section’s membership also examines potential improvements in bankruptcy law statutes and jurisprudence, makes recommendations of changes to other committees and sections within the LSBA, promotes research and knowledge among legal professionals and cooperates with sections of the American Bar Association that have Bankruptcy Law Committees.

Kadden has nearly 15 years of legal experience in the fields of corporate bankruptcy and commercial law. More information about his experience and areas of practice is available on his profile.