Lugenbuhl welcomes both new and experienced attorneys to join our team. We eagerly seek out attorneys who share our drive and dedication to delivering top-notch service to clients.

From the moment you step through our doors, you’ll immerse yourself in the distinctive Lugenbuhl culture. Our history is punctuated by successful collaborations with lawyers transitioning into new phases of their careers, as well as guiding recent law school graduates toward new horizons in their professional journey.

Our environment is designed to foster creativity, enhance skillsets, and embrace the diverse viewpoints that each attorney brings. Our dedication to excellence translates into a supportive framework designed to help you reach your full potential.

With our wealth of experience and an inclusive approach, we’re here to accompany you as you strive for legal excellence and professional growth. Your journey with Lugenbuhl is an opportunity not only to contribute to our firm’s ongoing success story, but also to craft your own narrative of achievement within the legal field.

At Lugenbuhl, I’m part of a team of smart, experienced, and creative litigators.  Their commitment to mentorship and collaboration has accelerated my learning curve in a niche practice area and has also helped me feel immediately at home here.

Julie Meaders, Associate