Elia Diaz-Yaeger Sworn in as Hispanic National Bar Association’s President-Elect


HNBA National President Elect Elia Diaz-Yaeger is pictured with HNBA National Finance Director Carlos Bollar (left) and HNBA National President Irene Oria (center)

Lugenbuhl shareholder Elia Diaz-Yaeger has been sworn in as President-Elect of the Hispanic National Bar Association. Elia was sworn into her elected seat by the Honorable Judge Adalberto Jose Jordan of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The swearing in ceremony took place during the HNBA’s recent Annual Convention in New York City.

Elia is a long-standing, active member of the HNBA and has served in various national officer positions. She most recently served two terms as the HNBA’s Vice President of Sections and Committees and served two terms as the HNBA’s National Secretary prior to that.

For more information about Elia’s areas of practice and extensive accolades, view her profile.

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