Lugenbuhl recognizes that tax planning and tax litigation are two very separate practices. Whether you or your business are in a planning or restructuring stage or, need help with tax litigation, our attorneys work directly with CPAs and financial advisors to determine the best outcome for the client’s individual or business goals.  Our knowledge of Federal, Louisiana, and local tax laws allows us to guide clients through all aspects of tax planning and litigation.

Tax Planning

Experience gives us the knowledge to:

  • Work with CPAs to determine tax planning opportunities and objectives
  • Work with business owners, individuals, and their CPAs and financial advisors to determine financial goals and identify tax strategies to help achieve those goals
  • Identify potential tax issues in business and related transactions to derive the most favorable tax outcomes
  • Identify potential tax consequences in non-tax litigation and negotiate to obtain favorable tax results
  • Develop employee benefit plans
  • Organize non-profit entities and obtain tax exemptions

 Tax Litigation

Experience gives us the knowledge to:

  • Negotiate with the IRS, negotiate with the LA Department of Revenue, and local tax authorities
  • Litigate tax issues before Louisiana courts, the Board of Tax Appeals, Federal district courts and the U.S. Tax Court


Key Contacts
Tyler J. Arbour

Tyler J. Arbour

New Orleans Office

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