Business Immigration

We represent clients in all phases of hiring and transfer of foreign nationals, including executives, managers, professionals, investors and skilled workers, to the U.S. We also represent individuals starting new businesses in the U.S. through subsidiaries or substantial monetary investments, as well as those individuals with extraordinary ability who are at the top of their field and therefore do not require corporate sponsorship. Our attorneys also provide guidance on immigration-related aspects of corporate restructuring, including mergers and acquisitions, as well as due diligence and compliance matters. Lugenbuhl’s business immigration attorneys not only provide innovative solutions, but also counsel employers on the best short and long-term strategies as we guide our clients through the complex web of immigration law.

Our Business Immigration attorneys regularly counsel clients in navigating the complex areas of work authorization and assist employers in establishing foreign national workforce policies, training programs and corporate compliance strategies, such as I-9 compliance. Our business immigration attorneys assist clients in meeting their needs efficiently and effectively, while striving to minimize the expense, delay and potential liability related to immigration issues. Lugenbuhl’s business immigration attorneys focus on maintaining meaningful client relationships by understanding the client’s unique needs and offering tailored in-house training programs for human resources professionals, general counsel, hiring managers, and supervisory level employees.

Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Corporate Practice

Our attorneys advise on U.S. immigration matters in a wide range of nonimmigrant and immigrant visa categories to ensure the effective international movement and relocation of employees and new hires to and between countries worldwide.  Our corporate immigration practice covers a wide spectrum of services including:

  • Professionals
  • Extraordinary and Exceptional Ability Individuals
  • Multinational Managers and Executives
  • Specialized Knowledge Individuals
  • Skilled, Seasonal, and Other Workers
  • Special Immigrants and Religious Workers
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors
  • Entertainers, Athletes and Artists
  • Students and International Exchange Visitors
  • Healthcare Professionals

Corporate Compliance and Training

Our business immigration attorneys advise clients on long-term goals of their immigration matters while incorporating effects on business decisions, human resources, budgets, tax planning, family and estate planning, and the many other areas affected by their immigration needs.  Because immigration is most often a piecemeal procedure that requires short-term and long-term planning, we pride ourselves on pursuing a course of action for our clients with the end goal in sight from day one. Some of the areas in which we advise clients include:

  • Strategic advice and counsel to clients preparing to conduct business in the U.S.
  • Development of in-house immigration policies and program management
  • Immigration policies globally and considerations of foreign assignment – Outbound Immigration
  • Labor Condition Application, PERM, and H-2A/H-2B Compliance Audits
  • Anti-Fraud and Visa Sponsorship File Audits
  • Technology Compliance – Export Control and Licensing
  • Immigration Due Diligence Compliance Review and Training
  • Advise on effects of corporate restructuring, bankruptcy, international and domestic tax issues, and implications of business transactions on immigration matters

Lugenbuhl’s Business Immigration practice is dedicated to providing comprehensive and efficient client services in global business immigration and nationality law and related employment matters. Our goal is to navigate the regulatory environment with speed and skill, allowing companies to realize the benefits of their greatest asset – their people.


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