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Lugenbuhl is always searching for qualified attorneys and staff members to join our team. Inquiries regarding available positions may be made directly to the firm by contacting us at

Summer Associate Program

Lugenbuhl also seeks out new associates through our Summer Associate Program. Our Summer Associate Program is designed to attract candidates with strong personal and academic credentials from diverse backgrounds. Each year, Lugenbuhl selects its summer associates through on and off-campus interviews at a number of law schools and through inquiries made directly to the firm by interested candidates.

Our Summer Associate Program is designed to give summer associates a first-hand experience of the day-to-day work of attorneys engaged in a variety of practice areas, including direct interaction with the associates and partners at our firm. Summer Associates will be mentored throughout the summer and will receive hands-on guidance and substantive feedback on their assignments.  Our Summer Associates are exposed to an array of legal fields and assignments, which can be tailored to suit an individual summer associate’s interests. The Program affords law students an excellent opportunity to develop writing, analytical and advocacy skills.

Summer associates are paid weekly salaries that are commensurate with other firms in our market.

Inquiries regarding Lugenbuhl’s Summer Associate Program should be directed to

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