Court Issues Standing Order for San Antonio Hail Suits




By: Seth Schmeeckle and Jay Farmer

On November 30, 2016 the District Court of Bexar County, Texas issued a pair of standing orders applicable to insurance claims for property damage caused by the April and May 2016 hail storms in Bexar County.

The two orders govern damage to residential and commercial property respectively. In essence, the orders seek to streamline the pre-trial discovery process presumably in hopes of fostering expedited settlements. Common tools included in these standing orders involve abatement of the cases, mandatory mediation, and early exchange of documentary discovery that will position the parties to evaluate the case.

Parties looking to be excused from the standing orders to pursue the defense of the meritless claim will likely need to seek a relief from the court. A copy of the residential order can be viewed here and the commercial order here.


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