Matthew Fraser’s experience has allowed him to take on a variety of roles for his clients, including a position as a primary advisor, the lead of legal research, the role of conductor for depositions, and everything in between. His ability to listen then engage with an even temperament has helped him to earn clients’ trust and build relationships with all levels of an organization.


Matthew is a member of the Insurance Coverage section joining the team in their representation of national insurance companies. He represents clients in insurance coverage and defense, bad faith litigation, construction and premises liability, and transportation matters. His response to these matters includes legal research, drafting of legal pleadings, court arguments, legal analysis, advising clients through case developments as they occur and the development of strategic plans, and when required, the appeal process.  

Matthew’s tenure includes representation and legislation review with the City of New Orleans where he regularly engaged with government committees, elected officials, media entities, and community leaders. The myriad of responsibilities in this representation afforded him the appreciation for developing relationships and a thorough understanding of the importance of continued communication throughout the legal process. He continues his practice in insurance with this same appreciation for timely, open communication for all levels in an organization.

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