Lorin Scott is dedicated to solving the complex issues faced by the maritime and oilfield industries in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. Lorin believes the best legal representation should always provide frank reporting of the facts, thoughtful analysis, and creative solutions to achieve the client’s goals. Through perseverance and grit, Lorin works closely with her clients to advocate for their unique needs.

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From the New Orleans office, Lorin practices in maritime law, including corporate and commercial litigation, employment, marine insurance, contracts, and finance and vessel documentation. Lorin believes a full understanding of the operations of each client’s business is critical to identifying the best possible result in each case. She is a zealous advocate for her clients and is committed to keeping the business of the Gulf moving.


Lorin is a cum laude graduate of Tulane University Law School. While in law school, she volunteered her time in the Juvenile Criminal Defense clinic representing juveniles in criminal proceedings. An active member of the community, Lorin is a continued supporter for Toys for Tots, the American Cancer Society, and Special Olympics.

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