With previous experience as an in-house counselor and also as a law firm attorney, Cheri offers her clients a unique perspective to relevant issues they face. She provides guidance through all aspects of insurance litigation.


Cheri C. Quigley currently represents insurers in first-party and third-party property, personal injury, construction, and commercial disputes.  She joined Lugenbuhl’s Insurance Law section in October of 2022 and has quickly been integrated as a key team member, managing cases successfully from investigation through mediation, alternative dispute resolution, trial, and appeals. 

Cheri joined Lugenbuhl with a deep understanding of insurance law. Her unique perspective includes defense litigation knowledge she acquired from her previous law firm and her prior length of stay as in-house counsel for a national insurance organization. Cheri understands issues that arise through the eyes of her clients and helps strategize based on her knowledge of their point of view. Her experience includes work found in a high-volume litigation practice earning close relationships with claims adjusters and clients. Whether it is advising through settlement, legal representation to insureds, or a detailed understanding of claims versus legal mechanics for liability, she encompasses all the skills for case management, utilizing strategies to achieve timely and cost-effective resolutions. 

Prior to her in-house counsel position, Cheri was awarded the opportunity to practice in a large full-service firm in Sydney, Australia and as an associate in a New York litigation boutique firm expanding her global knowledge of international litigation.

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