Lugenbuhl recognizes tax planning and tax litigation needs are two very separate practices. Whether you or your business are in a planning or restructuring stage or need help with tax negotiations, our attorneys work directly with CPAs and financial advisors to determine the best outcome for client’s individual or business goals.  Our knowledge of Federal and Louisiana tax laws allows us to guide clients through all aspects of tax planning and litigation.

Tax Planning

Experience gives us the knowledge to:

  • Review financials and work with CPAs to determine missed tax saving opportunities
  • Work with business owners and individuals to determine financial goals
  • Find applicable missing deductions and credits
  • Work with CPAs and financial advisors to strategically achieve long term goals for business owners and individuals
  • Negotiate contracts to derive the best tax outcome for clients
  • Negotiate sales to achieve the best tax outcomes for clients
  • Spot negative tax effects in negotiations
  • Spot negative tax effects in contracts
  • Determine best times and strategies to expand/retract business
  • Develop employee benefit plans
  • Coordinate tax professionals to assure timeliness and consistency
  • Develop Non-Profits


Tax Litigation

Developed relationships allows us to:

  • Negotiate with the IRS
  • Negotiate with the LA Department of Revenue
  • Perform Offers in Compromise
  • Set up installment plans
  • Litigate persistent tax issues before LA courts and the U.S. Tax Court