Lugenbuhl Update on Firm Operations

Lugenbuhl Update on Firm Operations


Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard has been closely monitoring the developments surrounding the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Based upon the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, and our city and state health departments, the Firm has decided to allow attorneys and staff members to work remotely while maintaining a small team of Lugenbuhl personnel at each of our offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houston, and Gulfport.

In anticipation of this change, the Firm has equipped each of our attorneys and staff members with the technology and training necessary to make the transition to a remote work environment seamless, while maintaining the highest levels of security. It is our hope that our clients and colleagues will not see any deviation from the high level of service and responsiveness they deserve and have come to expect from the Firm. If subsequent developments dictate that we close our offices completely, we likewise do not anticipate any noticeable disruption in our services. To assist with a seamless transition, we wanted to communicate the following information to our clients and colleagues:

  • All Lugenbuhl offices can be reached through the main phone numbers:
    • New Orleans – (504) 568-1990;
    • Baton Rouge – (225) 291-1990;
    • Houston – (713) 222-1990; and
    • Gulfport – (228) 206-0033.
  • Attorney email addresses can be found on the Firm website at Lugenbuhl Attorneys.
  • Should you have questions or concerns, I can be reached at, and our Marketing and Communications Director, Ami Martinez, is available at

As this is a complex and evolving situation, the Firm will continue to actively follow directives to slow the spread of the virus in our communities. It is our stated intention to attend to the safety and well-being of our attorneys and staff members, while simultaneously ensuring that all of our clients’ needs are met. In these uncertain times, our commitment to our clients remains unshaken. We will continue to provide updates as we all work together to define our new normal in these unprecedented times.



Benjamin W. Kadden


Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard

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