Lugenbuhl Shareholder Stanley Cohn Obtains Favorable Outcome in Commercial Dispute


                                 Stanley Cohn

Stanley Cohn, a shareholder based in Lugenbuhl’s New Orleans office, has obtained a $1.185 million jury verdict in a long-running commercial dispute involving a luxury condominium unit near Jackson Square in New Orleans’ world-famous French Quarter.

In the case - FIE, LLC v. New Jax Condominiums Association, Inc., No. 2012–03078 - the owner of the condo claimed he had been unable to use the unit for more than six years due to unrepaired roof leaks. In 2012, suit was filed against the condominium association, arguing that the association’s negligent repairs amounted to a deprivation of protected property rights.

Mr. Cohn served as lead attorney on the case, representing the condo unit’s owner. He was assisted by Larry Pugh and William Sentell of Pugh Accardo.

The matter was recently tried before a 12-person jury over five days with Judge Kern Reese presiding. The jury’s verdict to award $1.185 million to the condo unit’s owner for loss of property use over 75 months was unanimous. Combined with an earlier property damage settlement, the total recovery in the matter exceeds $1.5 million.

Mr. Cohn is an experienced commercial litigation attorney. Read his blog post on the Ten Things to Consider Before Buying a Condo or view his profile for more information on his experience.

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