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Insurance Disputes: Five Rules Insurers Need to Know


The Texas Supreme Court has announced five rules intended to address contractual claims under an insurance policy versus tort claims under the Texas Insurance Code. The rules were set forth in conjunction with the Court’s opinion in the case of USAA Texas Lloyds Company v. Menchaca and are meant to clarify confusion regarding the treatment of statutory bad faith claims in insurance coverage disputes brought before state courts.

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Supreme Court Decides Against Structured Dismissals In Chapter 11 Cases


This article examines the case of Czyzewski v. Jevic Holding Corporation, in which the Court held that a bankruptcy court cannot approve a structured dismissal that allocates value contrary to the priority scheme of the Bankruptcy Code.

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Houston’s 14th Court of Appeals Affirms Right to Assert Appraisal



The facts in this case are familiar to anyone doing property damage work.

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Court Issues Standing Order for San Antonio Hail Suits



The two orders govern damage to residential and commercial property respectively.

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Comparing and Contrasting the New Federal Trade Secrets Law With Louisiana’s Trade Secret Law

Intellectual Property


This article looks at how the new federal trade secret law, the DTSA, compares to existing rights under Louisiana’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act, and explains some of the key new provisions in the federal law.

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Managing Oilfield Service Risk Through Contracts



This article explores various indemnity- and insurance-related matters pertaining to offshore oilfield operations. It covers topics that illustrate a few of the potential pitfalls when managing risks involved with owning and operating oilfield service vessels.

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Tangible Property Rules Likely to Impact 2016 Corporate Tax Filings

Tax Law


This article examines the latest round of changes for tangible property regulations, or TPRs that may affect Lugenbuhl clients during the 2016 corporate tax filings.

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Engineering Malpractice Claims Trigger Specific Rules and Statutes

Professional Liability Defense


Malpractice claims filed in Louisiana courts against professional engineers are governed by specific state laws and professional statutes. This article examines issues related to engineering malpractice claims, including the types of claims that can be made against an engineer.

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‘Stowers’ Cases Require Careful Action from Insurance Carriers and Clients



This article examines an important section of Texas law known as the Stowers doctrine, which was developed through years of court rulings and establishes insurers’ duties in third-party liability claims.

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Understanding Trademark Rights

Intellectual Property


An overview of trademarking and considerations courts take into account when determining a company's rights if its trademark is challenged.

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