Ralph joined Lugenbuhl as a named partner in 1993 and founded the insurance coverage section of the firm. Today, half of the firm does insurance coverage work — with their main goal being to bring litigation to a close quickly, thereby saving the client substantial litigation costs.


Ralph has focused since 1985 on representing insurance companies in various coverage disputes with their insureds, as well as business litigation. Many of his cases involve mass torts and bad faith claims. He also maintains an appellate practice, and has been selected by insurance companies to argue before the Louisiana Supreme Court and U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in cases with multi-billion dollar implications. On a number of occasions Ralph has been appointed by the Trial Court to serve as liaison counsel for multiple "families" of insurers, taking the lead on briefing, oral argument, settlement, and strategy. (e.g. In re Combustion, Inc.; Bayou Sorrel and In re Katrina Levee Litigation)

He has handled litigation in nine states, in addition to jurisdictions throughout Louisiana. Ralph has lectured in the areas of insurance law and environmental coverage and is a co-author of The Louisiana Environmental Handbook Chapter on Bankruptcy and Environmental Law (Lawyers Cooperative Publishing). He is also a member of the board of editors of The Insurance Coverage Law Bulletin (Law Journal Newsletters).