An attorney and a credentialed Mediator and Arbitrator who formulates the most efficient and effective strategy for his clients. Whether it’s working with two parties to find common ground or strategizing case matters, a career of 40 plus years means he has the experience needed to find your best resolution. Many of these legal matters have included complex insurance coverage disputes heard before the Texas Insurance Commission.

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Michael W. McCoy


A legal career spanning more than four decades, Michael has been engaged in all manner of complicated and sophisticated insurance coverage disputes. He is very adept at review and analysis of highly complicated insurance matters and the providing of legal advice on insurance policies and related contracts. His vast experience includes matters involving multiple parties, multiple lines of insurance, reinsurance, retail and wholesale insurance brokers, among other issues and industry participants. He is quite active in the Insurance Sections of the Bar.

As an Insurance Law attorney, Michael’s insurance coverage litigation includes first- and third-party insurance cases, where he has defended numerous insurance carriers and third-party claim administrators in “bad faith” and extra-contractual litigation. When it comes to general insurance defense matters, his expansive experience runs the gamut from construction defect litigation to premises liability to sophisticated machinery product cases. Michael also handles complex litigation to include the representation of insurance brokers in disputes involving the brokering and producing of insurance policies, in addition to representing other professionals, including lawyers, in liability and malpractice actions.

In addition to his work on insurance matters, Michael represents employers in employment litigation and is an affiliate member in various human resources organizations. He has also been active in construction litigation and the Construction Sections of the Bar. His expertise in this area and by request of several clients, Michael earned both his Mediation and Arbitration Credentials in early 2020.

As a Mediator, Michael is the perfect solution for two parties having difficulty resolving differences but are committed to finding a resolution. Through negotiation in Mediation, Michael’s experience as an attorney in insurance litigation, construction matters, and employment law, equips him with the understanding of the need for quick resolution or confidentiality. His years of insurance defense knowledge also provides the arsenal to understand complex arguments or discovery through evidence, quickly recognize and point out common ground between both parties, and aid as a neutral party. His calm temperament coupled with his strong negotiation skills are the ideal match when searching for alternative dispute resolution. As a neutral ally to both parties, Michael can help identify alternative ways to view these differences and interpret both parties’ needs for better understanding. His strategic approach includes listening to what led to the dispute, identifying and outlining the issues, decipher party discussions and articulate their needs for full comprehension, managing the negotiation, and identifying the areas of agreement.  His ultimate goal is to ensure both parties are able to have a clear understanding of the terms of the settlement and all agree to these terms.

As an Arbitrator, Michael has the experience and wisdom to listen closely to the arguments of counsel and the parties, to carefully weigh the evidence presented, and to write/prepare decisions and awards that are both cogent and well-reasoned. His keen intellect enables Michael to focus on the important factual and legal issues in order to arrive at an accurate decision.

Both a published writer and active speaker in the community, Michael frequently appears in front of an audience to discuss multiple topics on insurance law. In his own community he is an affiliate member of the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers Organization where he regularly serves as an expert witness with respect to insurance coverage and insurance brokers errors and omissions.

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